Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, Its all over for me.

I retired.

Time to do something else.

I can feel the weight slowly lifting.

I am excited.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Training 2011

I haven't typed on this thing for a while. I am again in Port Charlotte, Florida making an attempt to play baseball. Other than frustration I don't have an explanation why I stopped typing in June so for all of those who come across this, that's all I have.

So.. What to talk about. I'll reckon I will just just right in on what I am thinking.

Florida is know for its humidity, so in my room at the Days Inn the staff has conveniently placed a dehumidifier which is a device that removes excess moisture from the air, not that difficult of a concept right? For the first few days I don't mind the dehumidifier that removes excess moisture from the air, I will admit I do enjoy the constant HUMMMM when I sleep. But, yes but, over time I truly believe that it loses its battle with nature because toward the end of my 30 day stay in this room I notice my clothes begin to smell like towels left in the dryer. I know what you must be thinking, summer breeze or something with mountain in the name. No this isn't that kind of smell, not Bounty fresh, or your favorite washing liquid and dryer sheet, but like the towels left in the dryer of your buddies house who's dryer always seems to stop at the exact perfect time to create some sort of musty moldy smell. Either you know the smell or you don't. If you do know the smell and are around me in the next 30 days, sorry. So that explains that.

If you are ever in Port Charlotte and need internet access the Days Inn offers free WI-FI. The username is daysinn and the password is goldfish.

Some of you may be aware of the fact that I love to eat at Outback while down here. I am what you would call a "reg." I went tonight(March 6th) and received a free meal. Thank you Outback. I would like to think its because I have been so many times but no, for some reason they took forever tonight. I guess I looked really hungry so the meal was complimentary.

Saw Hall Pass this afternoon with a buddy.

As for on the field stuff I will dabble into that a little more some other time. The past two days have gone well. No complaints here. Just wish I had a kitchen.

I really do have a desire to be more consistent with my posting and really don't have an excuse as to why I don't. There has been a number of times, although I don't know that number, I've told myself, "Will you should type about that" but I just haven't. I do think the journey through minor league baseball is interesting and since I have been given the opportunity to play I would like to write about it more. I like to share my thoughts at times and I think its important. I know this is short, lame, thoughtless, and random, but its a start. So, since I believe in discipline I will put more into this